Swisstrax becomes Official Rubber Tile Flooring Supplier to Barrett Jackson

INDIO, CA – Swisstrax has attended the well-know Barrett Jackson Car Auction as an exhibitor for several years. This past year, they offered to supply a few floors to use during one of the shows so the rubber tile flooring snap-together modular tiles could be put to the test. Now, Barrett Jackson has taken on Swisstrax as their rubber tile flooring provider as was seen clearly at the 2009 shows in Scottsdale, AZ and West Palm Beach, FL. Swisstrax Ribtrax rubber tile flooring was used on the auction floor where it withstood the heavy classics and souped-up sportsters, all while keeping the surface looking clean and professional. The rubber flooring tiles even held up to a burn out or two. Ribtrax tiles were used to make up the Staging Lanes in Scottsdale. These wonders held up flawlessly as over 1100 cars drove on them during the event. Other rubber tile flooring products such as Diamondtrax were used in both the bidder bar and merchandise booth at the event.

"Swisstrax continues to be one of the premier partners of Barrett-Jackson. Their products are easy to use, professional, and of the highest quality. We’ve relied on the Swisstrax team to help us implement our creative vision and maintain our brand standards with our customers. They offer products that our customers love...we can’t ask for more than that!"

- Jade Waterman, Director of Licensing and Branding


Swisstrax Rubber Tile Flooring Takes Off

Randy Nelson, Owner of Swisstrax, began discussions with Barrett-Jackson in 2004. However the leaders of Barrett-Jackson were skeptical whether or not the rubber tile flooring could handle so much traffic in uncontrolled conditions. Randy Nelson said “Initially I must admit that I was also a bit skeptical myself since this would be the ultimate test. The whole floor would be on live TV (SPEED CHANNEL) and I did not want anything to go wrong. To ensure that nothing would, the only thing we had to do was replace one edge transition piece at the front. The end result was phenomenal and I was ecstatic. No other modular flooring supplier has made it this far. I am proud to say that we are now licensed suppliers of Barrett-Jackson, Shelby Automobiles; and official flooring suppliers to Hendrick Motorsports, AVIS, SPEED TV, JAY LENO’S Garage, and the list goes on. A new National Distribution agreement is underway and our Swisstrax products will be available in local areas nationwide in early 2010.”

Swisstrax and Barrett-Jackson have also teamed up to create the Ultimate Garage by Barrett-Jackson. These new products will include High End Garage Cabinets, Walling & Accessories, and of course Swisstrax Rubber Tile Flooring.

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