Rubbertrax Recycled Rubber Flooring

Swisstrax Announces New Recycled Rubber Flooring Products

INDIO, CA – After 2 years of research, testing and re-testing, Swisstrax is now able to offer a high-quality recycled rubber flooring tile, made of reprocessed goods. The process of making this recycled rubber flooring is all done within a 10 mile radius of the Swisstrax factory in Southern California; not trucked across the country to a recycled rubber flooring facility and back as with some products. This reduces not only the cost of recycled rubber flooring but the carbon footprint as well. Learn more about recycled rubber flooring.

What is Recycled Rubber Flooring?

Recycled rubber flooring is the process of turning recycled parts into guaranteed quality Rubbertrax recycled rubber flooring tiles at lower costs. When you are ready for a change, Swisstrax will also either buy back your recycled rubber floor and pay you a fair price per pound or give you a credit towards future purchases of flooring products should you decide you want to use a different style or color of tile. Swisstrax will recycle returned recycled rubber flooring again, so the recycling circle will continue. On top of creating a full circle recycling process, recycled rubber flooring can replace products that can be damaging to the environment such as some epoxy resins, concrete coatings and paints. Another advantage of choosing recycled rubber flooring is that you can keep your investment since you can move the floor to a new home or building, or you can leave it as an upgrade for your sale. Also noted, there are no chemicals needed for installing these recycled rubber flooring snap-together tiles.

Rubbertrax recycled rubber flooring can take up to 30,000 lbs. of rollover weight, have a 7 year limited warranty, and are up to 50% off of regular retail prices. Swisstrax will offer these easily-installed recycled rubber flooring tiles in their most popular colors and 3 tile designs.

Continued Innovations in Recycled Rubber Flooring

Swisstrax is also still testing BIO materials such as corn and soya as well as recycled rubber products for safety matting and anti-fatigue products. The research for recycled rubber flooring continues.

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