Stand Out with Custom Exhibit & Tent Flooring Rental

E-Z UP Exhibitor Booth

It's an exciting time when you've secured your booth space or set up your tent for the big show. Now, it's about setting your company apart from the rest and that all starts with your customizing the customer experience with a unique tent flooring rental. The foundation of your booth is your flooring. You've seen the traditional roll out carpet and nowadays, vinyl, but our interlocking floor tiles provide a solution that is affordable, easy to install and with plenty of options for customization.

Benefits of Exhibit & Tent Flooring Rental

  • Easy installation and teardown
  • Mix and match colors
  • Comfortable to stand on
  • Custom Graphictrax logo tiles
  • Affordable
  • Hassle-free experience - get floor delivered to show site

New Interlocking Vinyltrax Tiles with Beautiful Woodgrains

Our realistic woodgrain tiles are available in Light Maple, Medium Maple, Dark Oak, Reclaimed Pine and Black Oak. Complementing tile edges are available to provide the perfect finish. Take your event to the next level with our custom exhibit and tent flooring rental options.

New Interlocking Tiles in Bold Patterns and Custom Prints

Our Vinyltrax tiles also come in a stock Carbon Fiber and Brushed Metal pattern. For added customization, tiles can have custom pattern prints, which we call Graphictrax. Taking from the same durable vinyl insert that is in our Vinyltrax tiles, Graphictrax allows you to customize the design and pattern altogether.

Most Popular Tile - Ribtrax

Whether it's a 10'x10' booth or a large event floor spanning thousands of square feet, our Ribtrax tile has proven to be an extremely popular tent flooring rental choice exhibitors and event organizers. With seven colors available (please inquire for additional colors that may be available upon request), Ribtrax tiles are durable for both indoor and outdoor events.

Other Unique Flooring Options

Swisstrax continues to innovate with new types of interlocking tiles. Break away from the traditional roll-out carpet and see our new Carpetrax tiles. Additionally, we also have our new Turftrax tiles available - a great choice for indoor exhibits that are simulating an outdoor setting! Or, use the Turftrax for your outdoor event.

Extend Your Company's Branding

From a single tile to a multi-tile set-up, your company's logo or brand images can be custom printed.

Contact us to learn more about our rental flooring, or get a quote today!