Outdoor Event Flooring

When you host a corporate or trade show event that is open to the elements, you need a rugged weather-resistant set of tiles that is stable from -22 to +248 degrees Fahrenheit, has a non-slip surface and drains water and debris to keep the floor surface attractive and safe. So why settle for mediocre quality when you can rent the best outdoor event flooring rental tiles on the planet for your outdoor event? Applicable for indoor or outdoor use, Swisstrax Ribtrax tiles have an open profile akin to a grate. This design prevents dirt and debris from building up on the surface and makes it easy to clean. We recommend Ribtrax tiles which feature:

Outdoor event flooring rental advantages

  • Easy installation and tear down
  • The possibility of mixing and matching color tiles to delineate specific areas or paths
  • Non-slip even when wet
  • High degree of resistance to oils, acids and a large variety of chemicals

Whether it’s an automotive event, agricultural machinery trade show or anything in between, Ribtrax tiles are ideal for isolating pedestrian and light vehicle traffic from the ground. Ribtrax tiles have been used for road shows, at race meetings, as temporary or permanent garage or workshop flooring, in marquees and tents, as covering for sports pitches and to create temporary site access by using them as walkways or roadways. There's no better solution for your outdoor event flooring rental needs. Period.