Corporate Event Flooring

Company events that cannot be accommodated within the corporate premises call for venues that are easily set up and disassembled. Here, the interlocking feature of our event flooring rental is a terrific time saver. And, since there are numerous colors to choose from, tiles can be selected to create the perfect design for your event. Different colored tiles can be used to create designated areas, and our new Graphictrax logo tiles are custom printed to show your company’s colors and branding.

Event Flooring rental can be used for:

  • Sales meetings
  • Corporate celebrations
  • Company seminars
  • Outdoor gatherings

Using our Ribtrax, Vinyltrax, Carpetrax, Turftrax or Dancetrax, our event flooring rental program will give you the perfect floor surface for your event. Swisstrax tiles give a stunning look to any event and are also slip-proof, unaffected by moisture or weather changes, are easily installed and have flat surfaces that will not separate at the joints. The recommended tiles are used indoors or outdoors for permanent and semi-permanent installations.